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Wrexham Muslim Association is a registered UK charity (No. 1045958). It is an umbrella organisation for Muslims living in Wrexham and the adjacent areas of North Wales. In October 2010, the Association moved into its new home the 'Wrexham Islamic Cultural Centre', after it was successful in acquiring the old 'North Wales Miners Institute' at Wrexham, with the help of generous donations from brothers and sisters living in Wrexham and other parts of UK. 

Eid Party

Join  our EID-UL-ADHA Celebration party 

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Jumah Khutba, about first 10 days of Zil hajja

About the importance of first 10 days of Zil hajja, by Sheikh Imran at Wrexham Mosque. He uses the reference of Quaran & Hadith about fasting, donation and good deed during the 10 days. 


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Wrexham Arabic School

We run following courses: Please click here for the registration form


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